Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Project Every Block

How many vegetable gardens are there in Rodgers Forge? Herb gardens? Fruit Trees? Nut Trees? How many compost piles do we have here? Or what about worm bins?

The first project of the Farm Initiative is Project Every Block which will document every garden in the Forge. Do we already have a garden on every block? Maybe we do. If so, we'd like to know. If we do not, then we'll promote that as our first project--to establish a vegetable garden on every block of the Forge!

To that end, Project Every Block encourages anyone who has wanted to start a vegetable garden to do so. In most cases, a homeowner or renter will be gardening in their own yards. In some instances, though, someone has the time and desire to garden, but not the space, while others have the space and the desire to have a garden but not the time. In this case, we encourage cooperation between neighbors to expand our garden capacity. As we know of a few instances where this is occuring, we will get photos and details and report back soon.

Using Google Maps we will track our progress by landmarking each garden in the Forge. The Farm Map is at the top of the navigation bar on the right side of this page. Click on the blue pins and the address and details of that location's garden will be displayed. We can even post pictures of the garden with the landmark details.

If you have a garden, a fruit or nut tree, a compost pile or worm bin, please contact us here at with your details and we will update the map. Please attach any photos you may have. The more detail the better.

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