Tuesday, May 26, 2009

day in The Sun for Forge Farmers

The Rodgers Forge Farm Initiative got press today in a Baltimore Sun story about community gardens and local food. (You'll have to scroll down a bit to see the reference to the RFFI.)

The story mainly focuses on Mark Smallwood, a "forager" (or fresh-food buyer) for Whole Foods who has aspirations to get his food from just up the street.

"He has hatched a plan to vastly expand the number of city residents who know how to grow fruits and vegetables -- as well as how to cook, preserve and sell them. He's negotiating with the city for a site, likely in northern Baltimore, large enough for gardening classes and some individual plots. And he's applying for grants to cover some of the costs. 'There's no reason why you can't grow your own food in the city,' said Smallwood, an organic farmer who points to his own planted Woodberry yard as evidence. 'This is a years-long project that aims to get a lot of people involved.'"

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