Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Welcome Back

The Forge Farm Initiative would like to welcome anyone new to the site and welcome back any previous followers. A new blogger has joined and there will be regular posts again. The mission to build resilience through growing local food, as well as foster community in this great neighborhood remains the same. This is a really exciting time as there seems to be a lot of interest in these areas lately in the Forge. I realize not everyone has the time, experience, space in their yard or even the desire to grow their own food, but let's be creative and see how each of us can contribute in our unique capacity. Perhaps if you have a good plot of land but do not want to garden yourself, your neighbor could use the land in exchange for some vegetables. Perhaps you can purchase a water barrel and a compost bin. Perhaps you can start a vegetable garden as a fun learning project with your kids. Perhaps we can make our community a little healthier, a little less dependent on foreign oil, and a little more resilient. Who's with me?


phil said...

i'm with you... i'm so excited that this may be getting off the ground again. All politics is local and the Forge is a great place. And this is a great idea. Phil

Mary said...

Thank you Phil. So glad to see people are excited about this! ~